Shape-From-Shading 3D reconstruction On-Line Tool



BERLIN, Germany
February 15, 2022

Our interdisciplinary team is happy to present today in Berlin’s Digital Classicist Seminar series the new on-line tool for 3D reconstruction of epigraphic squeezes using our shape-from-shading technique (MVA 2010). The new tool that replaces our older Digital Epigraphy Toolbox can be accessed in the following address:

The new on-line tool utilizes cloud technology to store, process, and disseminate the results of the 3D reconstruction algorithm. It allows the users to upload pictures of a flat inscribed object (such as epigraphic squeeze, paper embossment, seal, inscriptions, casts of coins, and others), taken from the same perspective using 2 or 4 different lighting conditions.

The users then, can process the photos and produce the heightmap and normal map of the depicted surface.

A variety of sample projects is provided to help you familiarize yourself with the features and options of the software.

The software is open-source and the source code can be accessed within the application from the menu About > For Developers > Source Code

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