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DEA is an interdisciplinary project initiated by scientists from the Digital Worlds Institute and the Department of Classics at the University of Florida. The goal of the project is to develop new open-access scientific tools for the Humanities and apply concepts from digital and interactive media and computer science to Archaeology and Classics. In our web-site you can view our 3D collections and interact with our on-line exhibits, read about our recent results, find interactive demos of our projects, and learn more about our future research directions.

Bringing together Digital Media, Computer Science, and the Humanities.

Digital Epigraphy Toolbox
A scientific tool for the effective study and dissemination of ancient inscriptions.
Virtual Museum of World Heritage
A virtual interactive 3D museum, featuring significant world-heritage exhibits.
Interactive Classical Theater
An experiential learning tool for classical drama, using augmented reality technology.
"Touch the exhibits": An innovative VR museum now on-line
Hundreds of visitors experienced a special virtual reality exhibition of dragons and lions using natural user...
Inscriptions revealed using SFS technology
Weathered squeezes from the Aleshire collection at the UC Berkeley were digitized in 3D and revealed inscribed fragments...
Computational Archaeology in Roman statues
Interactive 3D digitization, retrieval, and analysis of ancient sculptures in collaboration with Museo Nationale Romano di Palazzo Altemps in Rome, Italy...
Grant supports 3D digitization of estampages
Grant award from the French Ministry of Higher Education will support a 3D digitization project of paper casts of inscriptions from Delphes...
3D digitization of Abraham Lincoln's letters
Embossments found on various documents of Abraham Lincoln were digitized in 3D using the Digital Epigraphy Toolbox. The documents include the Gettysburg address...
The National Archives digitize exhibits in 3D
Several important artifacts from The National Archives [UK] were digitized in 3D using the Digital Epigraphy Toolbox. The 3D digital collection includes wax seals, medals, and coins as well as lace...
Inscriptions teletransferred and printed in 3D
The DEA team successfully achieved the first tele-transferring and printing of 3D inscriptions. This is an important step towards the electronic dissemination of 3D inscriptions...
The DEA virtual museum opens in London
The DEA virtual museum of World Heritage opened its electronic gates to the public yesterday during our talk in the Digital Classicist Seminar in London...
Embed 3D inscriptions into your web-site
The DEA group presents the first HTML5 embeddable 3D epigraphic viewer. Now you can easily create your own collection of 3D artifacts in your web-site or database...
Augmented Reality museum exhibit
The DEA group showcased their innovative Augmented Reality Exhibit at the HARN Museum of Art to a large and enthusiastic audience....
NEH funds the Digital Epigraphy toolbox
The award from the Office of Digital Humanities in the National Endowmnent for the Humanities will fund a collaborative research initiative for the 3D digitization of ancient inscriptions...
Public Presentations - Videos
DEA is the result of inter-disciplinary collaborations between scholars and scientists from several major universities and institutes.
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 The Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology Group, University of Florida, P.O.Box 115810, 101 Norman Gym, Gainesville, FL 32611-5810 USA 
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